MINOURA Smartphone Holder iH-520-STD


Smart phone handlebar mounted holder for bicycle. Fix type LW-Clamp for greater safety and security.
Recommended phone width sizes are from 55mm to 85mm with protective case, and up to 18mm and 6mm thickness.
There are two types of wing tips to open width to the left and right. Height is user adjustable.
The locking mechanism wing holds tight even under pressure. (*1)
Front and rear attachements that hold your phone safely. (*2)
Extended lower arm included for big screen smart phone.
Screen angle is user adjustable in 9 degree increments.
Offset slightly forward from the handle to improve visibility.
Choose two different install positions with or without Alloy Adapter.
Silicone security band included.
OS-size only can attach to the handlebar stem with round shape.
Lightweight aluminum fixed LW clamp model.
iH-220/520 are not made for extreme shock or conditions and safety of your device cannot be guaranteed.
Holder is adjusted by the user.

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iH-520-STD model, fits diameters: between 22.2 / 25.4 / 28.6mm
iH-520-OS model, fits diameters: between 27.2 / 31.8 / 35mm
Material Plastic / Alloy
Applicable Phone Size Width : 55 – 85 mm, Thickness : 6 – 18 mm
Net Weight (STD) 120 grams/(OS) 121 grams