Getting A Right-Sized Bike for a Pre-Teenager

Silverback Stride Junior Mountain Bike in Aegean Blue

Most parents looking for a set of new clothing for their near-teenage child will be faced with a common dilemma. Shop at the kids’ section and one will find the styles more suited for a 8 than a 12-year old. Shop at the adult’s section and one will find the smallest jeans size does not fit the child’s 22-inch waist. When it comes to getting a bicycle, the same challenge persist. Most kids from the age of 10, who are seasoned riders, can hop onto a 24-inch bike and ride away confidently. However, the child will easily outgrow the 24-inch wheeled bike within 2 to 3 years.

The Silverback Stride Junior Bike addresses this by pairing a 13-inch frame with a set of 26-inch wheels (which is the common wheel size for adult mountain bikes). Most mountain bikes are built with frame sizes 14-inch or larger. The Stride Junior bike lowers the frame height to a very manageable 13-inch for a 1.4m child, and yet using the 26-inch wheel size of an adult mountain bike. This allows the bike to be kept useful for a longer period of time.



The Stride Junior bike features a quick release seatpost clamp to allow the rider to make quick adjustment to the seat height without the use of any tools. This is especially useful for a fast growing child who might need to raise the seat a notch or two every few months.





This bike also gives the parents an ultimate peace of mind knowing that braking in wet conditions will be as efficient as in dry conditions, all thanks to the highly efficient mechanical disc brakes.




The bike is finished with a set of trustworthy 3×7 speed Shimano gears. The ever-reliable Shimano shifters allow the rider to shift the gears like their adult counterpart but with the ease of a twist grip.






The front fork with adjustable preload allows the suspension to be adjusted to the preferred riding style of the rider. Turn the knob clockwise and you’ll get a stiffer ride. Turn it the other way round for a softer, more cushioned suspension.





And finally the pair of knobby 26-inch tires ensures that the bike is versatile both for the paved and unpaved roads. Meaning, the rider is not limited to just rides on the sidewalk, but can also tackle off road trails using the same bike.

The Silverback Stride Junior Bike is available in 2 colors sets:
Aegean Blue body with Light Blue trims or
Matt Grey body with Neon Yellow trims.

The detailed product specifications can be found here: Click Here